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12 weeks to heal past relationship hurt and create space for the love you want

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The Gap Year Intensive is about taking a Gap Year (not necessarily a literal year, but definitely a metaphysical one) from men (or alternatively other external things you get addicted to, at the expense of doing your own work on yourself) so you can do whatever you need to do to clean up the inside stuff, let go of the past stuff and then get on with clarifying and manifesting the relationship you want.

It’s mostly about becoming the one so you can find the love you want. As a single woman, or as a woman in a "relationship" where it feels like something is missing (commitment, certainty, depth).

Gap Year is the best way ever to plug the holes.

See people with holes attract people with holes. I only ever met the men in serious relationships in my life until now when I was lost and holey. And somehow in that I hoped they would help me find me. And then I’d feel whole. But then we both got lost, filled our holes with things that only worked momentarily, and then drained away.

So Gap Year Intensive is about making time to fill the holes, by taking a break from temporary fixes, to make space for the real thing.

It's Intensive because it's 12 months of work compressed into 12 weeks, so you can get where you need to be sooner. It's raw. It's real. And I feel like it's just what you need.

Why did I create this course?

It's a funny thing because I'm a purpose coach, so I primarily work with people (mostly women) tapping into their purpose and crafting that into a purposeful life. Which is pretty incredible. So creating a relationship program seemed slightly off-centre even for myself and I wondered if I'd be confusing my people.
But during the process I discovered that love and purpose are entirely entwined. Relationship turmoil (shitty relationships, fighting all the time, relationship breakups and heartbreak) is one of the GREATEST DISTRACTIONS that exists to hijack us from ever discovering our calling and creating a life of meaning. I spent an epic amount of time searching for purpose (the point in my case - I kept searching for the point) whilst in the midst of constant heartbreak and/or having more children (for me relationships and children are entirely entwined too!).
I created The Gap Year Intensive for the incredible women (brilliant, smart, sassy, educated, determined and capable) who kept getting thrown from their path of purpose by another relationship fuck-up that didn't seem to make any sense. Women who were so great and deserving and good at what they did, but lost in this thing called relationships, and then lost. Entirely lost.
A solid, loving relationship (with everything in between) sits in the foundations. It's not what makes you OK, but it adds to the possibilities - by being part of the structure of support that allows you to be more of yourself in the world. Relationship turmoil is all about you being less of yourself because you're constantly angry or hurt or bitter or confused or trying to hustle for worthiness inside something that was not made for that.
Taking a Gap Year - as in a whole literal 12 months off men and relationships - was how I did it. And what I created in my life following that has been nothing short of magnificent.
So I condensed it into 6 modules, spread over 12 weeks so you can get where you need to quicker (or slower, whatever or however that it for you). There's no rush but we are often by nature impatient, and it's likely that all that's possible once you find your way through this is important and needs to happen. It's been needing to happen for a while.

And so, Gap Year Intensive is over. It's hard to describe in words what happened in those few months. I can tell you I quit smoking, became healthy, liked myself, engaged in a higher level of peace and less stress. But that wasn't actually what I came for.

My heart had been destroyed, my sense of self worth obliterated, my partner had cheated and no matter where I turned I couldn't stop the hurt. The pain was so intense and the anger at myself unbearable. I thought doing Fleur's course could help me see why. I wanted to understand why. It was like a cloud I just couldn't push through. And I've pushed thru some pretty tough shit.

As frustratingly simple as it seems, it just came down to understanding self love. And having the space to experience that, without realising I was doing that. And before I knew it I was doing that. And then somehow I was different and it didn't hurt so much anymore.. And every day became full of light.And then I got to see who "she" is. She's pretty fkn cool actually. So Gap Year was like the Peter Alexander nightie I bought that was sparkly but just for around the house, but then realised I could rock that shit anywhere and it became a going out dress... Same same but different.

- Kirsten, Business Owner

Your Instructor

Fleur Thompson (Porter)
Fleur Thompson (Porter)

I'm a purpose coach.

Which is a life coach and business coach focussed on purpose. Or magic. Or whatever it is you want to call it. For the people who want more, but have just never been able to find the time or the focus to put their finger on what exactly that is, or how exactly they can do it. And I'm mumma of 4, and step-mum of 2 and a qualified marine biologist and a writer and....well you know, there are so many things that matter and so many things that don't.

But I believe people are magnificent. And I'll do whatever I can to bring you home.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to Gap Year Intensive
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  BONUS TRAINING: The Identity Thingy
Available in days
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  Module 5 - What would it take to fall in love with yourself?
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  The Last Hurrah
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I would suggest Gap Year to anyone who has struggled with being a people pleaser, an over giver, a helper or an overall big-hearted person who always seems to end up with the short end of the stick.

Before I did Gap Year I felt like I had so much personal power and so much strength and I am far from a push over yet was so open and giving and couldn't work out why I was always the one being the kind-hearted giver and everyone else seemed to end up with what they wanted but ME!

The Gap Year helped me gain clarity around why my relationships, my business, my family and general life wasn't working in my favour. I gapped it and I totally got it and have since been honouring me so much more!

- Suraya Yuruten, Founder, Alche-Me


If you commit to this journey you'll learn about love from the inside out:

  • The empowerment of radical self-responsibility.
  • The skill of crafting an intention centred in what you truly want
  • Creating space (in your head, heart and life)
  • Awareness of your ego and how it's been booby-trapping you
  • The life-changing magic of boundaries and the incredible safety net they create
  • How forgiveness and letting go sit in the foundation of personal power
  • How your identity has been hidden in relationships, and also how what you hide about yourself eats you up
  • Core values as a decision-making guide
  • Clarify what you really, truly desire (and how it's possible to get it)
  • Knowing your deal-breakers and how to stop getting what you don't want
  • Finding you inner source of guidance, reconnecting to your true wisdom
  • How commitment is the key to change
  • Balancing giving and receiving from a place of preciousness
  • The truth about vulnerability
  • The power of your feminine
  • A pathway forward
I know! It's nuts. A massive (but simple) collection of all the things that changed everything in the way I saw myself and love and relationships. And ultimately changed my relationship disaster into something incredible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and you'll have lifetime access once you purchase (and you can download everything as well). Initially the content comes out every two weeks (so you don't get overloaded), but once it's yours it's yours. There are six modules you'll be delivered over 12 weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to start, do the work and finish.
Do I have to be single to do this course?
Gap Year Intensive is for all women who are looking for better outcomes in love relationships. If you're in a relationship currently but it's not feeling like how you hoped and dreamed, then everything in here can help you with that - and it won't be about ending the relationship or finding a new one, it will be about you finding your happiness within the relationship you have. Then you'll know what to do if things need to change. However if you are in a long-term committed relationship and want to work out how to transform it from within it then The Inside Out Love Story might be the best path for you. Here is the link - That said, it's solid support for newly singles, really stuck in that horrible grief and loss phase - feeling angry, hurt, confused - because you'll be supported through that whole thing with a gently guided process. Something other to focus on rather than what went wrong, why he's such as ass and why your heart hurts so much. AND, even if you're single and not looking for love any time soon but know (deep down) love is what you'd like one day (in a healthy way, with a beautiful person) then Gap Year is the place to start too (even if you've been on your own self imposed Gap Year/s for years now).
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Hey it's Fleur. I just wanted to share with you something I wrote at the end of my Gap Year. About what's possible for you, and why it's worth everything to sort this stuff out.

Miraculously it appears Gap Year has drawn to a spectacular close.

Not in that kind of way (the kind of way where it ended with me in a sweaty tryst with at least one man), but in the way that it’s done and I won.

To start with, one of the wisest women I know told me I should take a break from relationships to regroup. She suggested a year. In the midst of every-second-crawling-heartbreak a year seemed a REALLY long time, but I was pretty sure (on reflection) that I owed myself some time to regroup. So it seemed worth committing to. I did call it a sabbatical at first, but that sounded boring (like a 40 year old staying home on a Saturday night wearing watermelon pyjamas, drinking detox tea and writing), whereas GAP YEAR sounded…well like someone who’s 18 and travelling the world.

After I said I was committing to this thing I had a bet with an amazing (at times annoying) friend who (had very little faith in me) did not believe that I could not stay away from another relationship for a year and bet me $100 that I couldn’t last (he may have been the kind of friend who early in my relationship with the last guy tried gently to steer me in another direction and I thought he was being an asshole, so he does have some credibility. He’s also on the interview panel for any new love interests. Of course). I won the $100.

In hindsight I can not believe I only bet a $100, because I’m super competitive and knew I would win and so should have made it more. He was pretty determined to win also, and may have offered someone $50 to distract me, but alas for him – he had to pay up. And 8 days early none the less because he knew he was beaten. I may have danced through his 20th wedding anniversary party waving it around. I may have photographed it in my teeth.

But honestly, I didn’t do it for $100. I didn’t do it for the glory of winning. I didn’t do it to prove a point or to show anyone anything. I did it for me. And I did it for them. My four daughters. Because if there’s one thing I can teach them it’s to honour who they are in this life, and because I promise them that I will never again forget what is precious and to keep them safe. When you are lost you can not guide your children and in the end, what they have needed from me all along is a safe place to be home, filled with people who love them and want the best for them and who want them to be the fullness of who they are. And that’s pretty much what I need too.

Gap year wasn’t really about the man ban, or the no sex thing (and no it doesn’t break if you don’t use it!) or having an excuse not to join the mile high club with the animal psychic from Mullimbimby, it was about taking a relationship with another person out of the equation so that I had time and energy to focus on me. And them. And us. And home. And people who love me anyway and especially. And my gift to the world.

And in 357 days I learnt that gap year was the best way ever to plug the holes.

See people with holes attract people with holes. I only ever met the men in the serious relationships in my life until now when I was lost and holey. And somehow in that I hoped they would help me find me. And then I’d feel whole. But then we both got lost, filled our holes with things that only work momentarily, and then drain away. And then you’re standing before someone who says, “You don’t need a gap year to find yourself, you know what you want by now surely?” in a condescending tone and you realise that before that moment all you actually thought you wanted was him, when without him was the only possible way to figure that out. All 357 days of it.

And the irony becomes that the year of the gap filled the holes. And that was worth way more than 100 bucks.

So here it is. A Gap Year in 12 weeks. Full of gems and stories and ultimately life-changing action. Come join me x

Get started now!